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Andrew Ratliff Mortgage Fraud Charges

Andrew Ratliff Mortgage Fraud Charges 5 awareness

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Andrew Ratliff Mortgage Fraud Charges

The Andrew Ratliff mortgage fraud scheme was a multi-state scheme spanning
several years and in which he defrauded many investors. The scheme involved using
investors’ checks to purchase CDs at banks in Missouri and Arkansas, hypothecating
the CDs for loans. The money from these loans was then transferred to an Arkansas
bank account.

Appellant used $40,000 of investor funds to payoff loans

In 1967, appellant failed to repay a loan of $50,560 to a respondent. The respondent
said he could not extend the loan further because he needed the money to invest in
a business venture. Respondent filed for foreclosure and the property was scheduled
for sale at a trustee’s sale on November 6, 1967. Appellant induced the respondent
to extend the sale date by paying a $500 fee, telling the trustee that he would be
able to obtain the loan funds from other property.

Appellant used money from unidentified source torelease cashier’s checks

In this case, the Appellant has admitted to using money from an unidentified source
to release cashier’ checks. He says that his actions did not violate any laws.
However, the court notes that the concealment must have been directed towards
the performance of a required act or regulation.
Jamison, a prosecutor’s witness, testified about the forfeiture of proceeds of drug
trafficking. However, she denied knowledge of specific forfeiture procedures.
Jamison said she was afraid of forfeiture. Although she did don’t know anything about
these procedures, she explained her withdrawal of the check and cash from the

Appellant’s argument that his mortgage fraudwould not have been fraudulent

The Court has rejected Appellant’s argument that his mortgage scams would not
have been fraudulent. In the case, the government alleged that the defendants
conspired to defraud mortgage lenders by providing false statements. The
government has presented 1,135 exhibits and over 100 witness testimonies to
support its allegations. The witnesses included cooperating co-conspirators and
victim lender officials. In addition, an investigating agent testified at trial to provide
an overview of the case.
The Court found that the district court did not abuse its discretion by allowing the
government to call witnesses who had dealt with fraudulent loan transactions.
Because they had knowledge of the bank’s practices, these witnesses were qualified
to answer hypothetical questions about the fraud.

Andrew Ratliff Mortgage Fraud Charges
Andrew Ratliff Mortgage Fraud Charges

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