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Black personal injury lawyer Houston

Black personal injury Lawyer Houston 2023

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Introduction of Black personal injury lawyer Houston

Niles Sneed is contacted by those looking for an African-American attorney in Houston who can help them recover damages from a negligent or hazardous individual or business. Black personal injury lawyer Houstonknow more read

Niles Sneed is a black, award-winning personal injury attorney who has devoted his life to advocating for plaintiffs in Harris County. Niles and his team secure more than $5 million in settlements and verdicts annually and are dedicated to ensuring that clients’ cases receive the attention and precedence they merit.

If you are looking for a black personal injury attorney in Houston, call Niles Sneed right away. Niles has experience assisting accident victims in obtaining the compensation they deserve. We are proud to represent clients in a vast array of legal matters, including automobile accidents, transport accidents, pedestrian injuries, offshore admiralty and maritime accidents, and many others.

Black Houston personal injury attorney Niles Sneed Lawyer Niles Sneed, the firm’s originator and principal trial attorney.
The Best African-American Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Why are Niles Sneed and his associates considered the finest black personal injury attorneys in Houston?

Our team accepts no more than 15 cases concurrently in order to concentrate on yours.

We have a success rate of 99%.

Peers and justices consider us to be the preeminent plaintiff’s firm in Houston

Each year, we recovered millions in settlements and verdicts.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay legal fees unless we win your case.

Our success has provided our clients with a level of financial security that allows them to not worry about their financial future, has forced companies to change their policies and procedures, and has established Niles Sneed as one of the top personal injury law firms in Texas, regardless of race.

What is a counsel for personal injuries?

A personal injury attorney is a civil trial attorney who prosecutes legal disputes that arise when someone is injured due to the intentional, negligent, or hazardous actions of another person, business, or government entity. To be successful, a personal injury attorney must demonstrate that the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s physical or emotional suffering.

Common injuries requiring legal representation
Whiplash is a neck injury induced by a violent, back-and-forth head and neck movement. Similar to the striking of a whip, the neck moves rapidly back and forth.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting from a blow or jolt to the cranium.

Broken bones – fractures caused by forces acting against the skeleton

Shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff tears that cause arm discomfort and limited range of motion.

Crush injuries are force or pressure injuries that occur when a body part is smashed between two weighty objects.

Loss of movement brought on by damage to the vertebrae or electrocution.

Permanent injuries caused by lacerations, wounds, or burns that result in scarring and disfigurement.

Amputation is the forcible or surgical elimination of a body part.

Medical expertise frequently saves the lives of those who have suffered a personal injury, but it does not always restore a person to complete health, mental capacity, or physical mobility. Niles Sneed is a black personal injury attorney who understands that injuries frequently result in ongoing pain and suffering, nerve damage, disfigurement, or a decline in life quality. We fight to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the ongoing effects of an injury on your life.

What claims does Niles Sneed manage?

In the following sorts of personal injury cases, attorney Niles Sneed and his team have built their careers on holding negligent parties accountable:

Auto Accidents

Uber and Lyft Collapse

Transport Accidents

Bus Accidents

Child Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Aviation Mishaps

Maritime Accidents

Construction Locations

Explosion Cases

Falls and Slips

Motorcycle Accidents

Premises Liability

Offshore Accidents

Oil Spills

Industrial Accidents

Railroad Accidents

Roller Coasters

T-Bone Crashing

Jackknife Mishaps

Defense Base Accidents

Tugboat Accidents

Our attorneys at Sneed & Mitchell LLP initiate specialized investigations into how the injury occurred. Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell have access to a network of experts in accident scene reconstruction, safety engineers, ex-police officers, and private investigators who can help collect the evidence required to bolster your claim. Regardless of whether the at-fault motorist is insured by Geico, USAA, Progressive, or a lesser-known company, we have fought to obtain a settlement and compensation for our clients.

Black personal injury lawyer Houston
Black personal injury lawyer Houston

What kinds of damages can Niles Sned assist me in recovering?

Attorney Niles Sneed assists clients in obtaining economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages through a successful civil action.

Examples of economic damages include medical expenses

Medical expenses

Rehabilitation expenses

Physical aid equipment

Lost wages and earnings

Economic repercussions

Substitution of property

Funeral expenditures

Examples of non-economic damages include:
distress and pain

Loss of alliance

Loss of pleasure

Loss of value

Punitive damages

Punitive damages are an additional form of compensation intended to punish the party at fault for engaging in conduct deemed egregious, offensive, or deliberate. In Texas, punitive damages are not available in all personal injury cases and cannot exceed 10 times the quantity of actual damages.

As an accident victim in Houston, Texas, you have only two years from the date of the incident to either settle your case or submit the necessary paperwork to initiate a lawsuit. Our statute of limitations is stringent and must be adhered to in order to preserve your right to compensation for damages. Judges routinely dismiss cases that have been violated after the statute of limitations has expired.

How Does a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Prove Negligence?

Attorney Niles Sneed establishes the defendant’s liability by investigating your accident and establishing the following three legal requirements:

The party at error owed you a duty of care (defendant). The “duty of care” owed to any individual varies depending on the type of disaster that occurred and its location. In Texas, for example, a driver owes a duty of care to a victim of a car collision by operating their vehicle with reasonable caution. If the defendant can demonstrate that they were operating their vehicle in accordance with this requirement, they have satisfied their duty of care. Similarly, this duty of care extends to the mechanics who recently repaired the vehicles and to the product manufacturer who designs the parts and mechanisms prior to distributing the goods.

This obligation to exercise reasonable care was violated. Attorney Niles Sneed attempts to establish that the Defendant breached the standard of care by demonstrating that the motorist failed to maintain a safe distance, failed to maintain an appropriate look, failed to maintain his/her lane, and/or other infractions. Obtaining the evidence required to prove the at-fault driver was intoxicated or messaging while driving is sufficient to establish the Defendant’s liability for the plaintiff’s physical and economic damages.

A consultation with a qualified personal injury attorney is required for an individual or family to determine whether filing a lawsuit is appropriate in their situation. The average individual has a limited understanding of their rights and available remedies under Texas law. If you are considering filing a personal injury claim and are looking for an African American trial attorney, contact Niles Sneed immediately.

How long days it take to receive compensation for my injuries?

Whether a claim is settled before or after a lawsuit is filed will determine how long it takes to obtain a settlement in your personal injury case. If your attorney is able to settle the legal claim during the pre-litigation phase, the claim typically lasts between 3 and 8 months. If a lawsuit is required to adjudicate your claim, it typically takes between one and two years after the attorney is retained. The quality of the evidence supporting your recovery claim is also an essential factor that frequently shortens the length of time necessary for a case to settle.

The significance of African American representation in the legal system

African American legal representation is crucial because it ensures that your counsel understands your perspective and has no racial prejudice against you, the client. Researchers learned from a national study that non-black attorneys confessed to having bias against black clients, resulting in the case being dismissed before an investigation was conducted. The fact that an African-American attorney shares a group identity with the client has been found to result in greater profits for clients.

Niles Sneed, an attorney, has become an advocate for African Americans and takes pride in his firm’s reputation for providing superior legal representation to minorities. Niles believes that in order to obtain justice under the law, a client must fight tirelessly for the desired outcome. Our firm’s unprecedented success is a direct result of our clients’ faith in our ability to improve their lives.

A law firm owned and managed by African Americans in Harris County

Attorneys Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell established Sneed & Mitchell LLP as one of the only black-owned personal injury litigation law firms in Houston. Our law firm employs exceptional legal professionals to provide each client with the attention, respect, and concentration they deserve. Our firm, dubbed “The Injury Team,” represents severely injured victims and their surviving families and is propelled by a single guiding principle: ensuring that each client receives the maximum amount of compensation permitted by Texas law.

Do not risk your chance of recovery on an attorney unqualified to manage cases involving severe injuries. Attorney Niles Sneed and his team of lawyers are here to assist you in every way, from connecting you with the finest physicians and ensuring that your prescriptions are delivered to your home to securing a settlement that allows you to never worry about your financial future again.

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